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Corporate Culture

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1, the chairman of the motto: victory by wisdom, victory by Germany; serious work, honest man.
2, the purpose of the company: to provide good quality food for every consumer's physical and mental health.
3, the company's career orientation: Ling Xingnong, a hundred years old, is a food manufacturer dedicated to human health and delicacy.
4, our style: unity and pragmatic, vigorous and resolute, pioneers, the courage to play.
5. The mission of the company:
1, to create an excellent international competitive enterprise for the country.
2, for the nation to create a hundred years of development of the food brand.
3, to improve consumer health and quality products service.
4, for the staff to build a platform for the value of life.
5, create profit for the channel
6, the company's strategic goals: continue to forge ahead, adhere to scientific development, strive to innovate and integrate the effective resources of the whole world, and make the company the leading food manufacturer in China and the world.
7, the company's development strategy: scientific management, to ensure quality, to broaden the market, to improve the efficiency. To win the market and brand advantage with the advantage of quality and service, try to make the company a "one hundred year leader" in the world.
8. The company's commitment:
1, to the consumer: to provide green health food, the idea of spreading health. To customers: win-win cooperation and common development.
2. To shareholders: highly responsible and long-term returns. To the staff: education and training, the achievement of life.
3, to the society: Business Law, enterprise strong agriculture, ecological protection, return to the public.
9, the company's enterprise spirit: solidarity, courage and hard work, learning and innovation, the pursuit of excellence, advancing with the times, to serve the motherland.
10, the company 's principle: openness, impartiality and fairness; virtuous and talented exceptional reuse, Youde not only cultivate talent without virtue, limited employment, non German firm was not.
11, the management concept of the company: the cultural cohesion of the people, the use of the system to control the human nature, the success of life with the brand.
12, the company's pursuit is to train first-class employees, build first-class teams, use first-class equipment, carry out first-class management, produce first-class products, provide first-class services and create first-class brands.
13. The management policy of the company:
Service, coordination, guidance, supervision and assessment.
1, service - the superior service for the lower level, the organization as the basic service, the next process for the next process service, the staff to serve the customer and the consumer.
2, coordination - coordination of the relationship between the enterprise and the government, the enterprise and the brotherhood, the internal door of the enterprise, and the employees.
3, guidance - the overall guidance, business guidance, when the coach is not an athlete, no more than the level of management.
4, supervision - supervision and inspection of all directions and whole processes of subordinate departments and personnel.
5, assessment - full and comprehensive assessment, and linked to wages.
14, the quality goal of the company: the qualified rate of the product is 100%.
15, the characteristics of the company's products: health, natural, pure, high quality, health, fashion.
16, the essence of corporate culture:
(1) to talk about honesty and credit; superiors should be honest with subordinates; subordinates should be honest with superiors; enterprises should be honest with customers and consumers; enterprises should be honest with the government; enterprises should be honest with partners; honesty between people should be honest.
(2) fight with yourself, find the problem first from the body to find the reasons for self transcendence.
17, long collar; "front management"; philosophy: all opportunities are coming before the coming; all hidden dangers are all eradicated before the outbreak; all competitions start at design time.
18, the company employees' behaviors: law-abiding, self-discipline, and thoughtful service, the language of civilization, love and dedication to the operation, quality first, excellence, hard work, austerity, appearance is decorous, pay attention to hygiene, solidarity comrades, honest and trustworthy, caring for public property, pay attention to ethics, work together to build a civilization.
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