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Did you eat the peanuts right?

Henan changled Food Co., Ltd. reminds you that peanuts are more nutritious to eat. The nutritional value of peanuts is believed by most people. Even Craig Lo, the Olympic diving champion of the United States, said, "peanuts are the champion's food". Although the efficacy and effect of peanuts are many, but if eating the wrong way, it will also greatly reduce its nutritional value. Let's see how to eat peanuts right together.

1, raw peanuts are susceptible to peanuts. When the peanuts grow in the field, their shells are mostly contaminated by pathogens or parasitic eggs. They are easily infected with various diseases when they are eaten raw. If we eat raw peanuts contaminated with rodents, it will also suffer from epidemic hemorrhagic fever. In addition, the peanuts contain a lot of fat, if too many raw food can also cause indigestion, abdominal pain and diarrhea. Therefore, do not feed peanuts.
2, fried peanuts Deep-Fried Peanuts poor nutrition after fire fried or fried, which contain vitamin elements will be destroyed when the high temperature fried fried, protein, cellulose and fresh peanut coat will be partially carbonized or all carbide, so its nutritional value and medicinal value is very low. Therefore, the peanuts should not be fry or fry.
3, boiled rice is good for many crops, and peanuts can preserve their nutritional and medicinal ingredients, and they taste delicious. After eating, they are good for human health. So, peanuts are better to be cooked by water.
Compared to the above, did you eat the peanuts right? - Henan changled Food Co., Ltd.

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