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The company has made gratifying achievements in the first Dabie Mountain Green Agricultural Products

In November 26, 2012, the first Dabie Mountain green agricultural product exhibition in Xinyang, Henan, was opened in Gushi, 2 days. Minquan county poverty Alleviation Office organized the county of Henan province agriculture industrialization leading enterprises to participate in the green agricultural products fair, has made gratifying achievements, I produced a long collar gold medal delicious peanut.
In the show, civil rights Jiuding Wine limited production of Henan, the world civil rights card red Cabernet Sauvignon Wine, Henan grand Limited production billion profit brand Cabernet Sauvignon Wine, Henan Changling food limited production of "long licensing" delicious peanuts, Minquan County Hengsheng flour Co. Ltd. production Jin Lin brand stonemill flour, Minquan County Qing Heyuan food limited production of good source licensing sauce soft packing fish, Minquan County Henan tribute twist factory tribute twist 6 products, was awarded the "green mountain agricultural products Fair Gold Award" title.
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